Website Accessibility Policy


In an effort to create equity for information posted online by the District, the Eaton Fire Protection District Board of Director’s adopted this website accessibility policy on April 25, 2024.

To ensure compatible access to information posted to the District will strive to follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG version 2.1) and best practices for functionality with commercial screen reading software.

We welcome feedback and will work to resolve issues as they are identified. If you need any special accommodations or assistance please contact our accessibility officer or call us directly at 970-454-2115.

Compliance Information


Compliance Officer

The District has designated the Fire Chief as its compliance officer for website disability-related accommodations. The goal is to achieve best practices for accessibility standards, please contact the District to report an issue by calling
970-454-2115 or by filling out the form found below.

Compliance Reports

The District regularly scans for accessibility equity and can provide a copy of the report upon request.

Linked Documents and Third Parties

As we work to achieve the best version of access to our electronic information the District may link out to third party websites or documents that do not have accessible content, and while we cannot control that content we will provide assistance if requested by a member of the public with help reading and accessing that content.

Report an Accessibility Issue

Following internal processes for issues or requests for accommodation reported you will be contacted by the compliance officer or their designee within 3 business days.